DGT1002 Digital Chess Clock



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DGT1002 Digital Chess Clock

The DGT1002 is the simplest chess clock with bonus options available anywhere. It is extremely easy to set and use. Simply press + or - to set the time and the game can begin! Easy to understand and fun to use!

This high quality DGT bonus timer fits nicely alongside any chess board due to its extra small footprint with a base that's a mere 4,2 cm wide (length 155 mm, width 42 mm, height 60 mm).

It operates on one battery (included) and comes with a 2 year warranty. A great little affordable chess clock with large display and clear digits - perfect simplicity of design and operation. Use the DGT1002 with increments and never run out of time!

Battery: One AA (penlight) battery

Time deviation: Less than 1 second per hour

Housing: ABS plastic (various colors)

Display: 115x 17mm

Size: 155 x 60 x 42 mm

Weight: 105gram (including battery)

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