Kettler 10kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set



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An ideal dumbbell for if you want to add weights into your work out routines. Kettler dumbbell comes in weights 10kg. Packed in a plastic carrying case, that’s durable to withstand the weight, as well as making this set easy to be stored and carried around The variety in weights allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your workout, all while having an easy and supported grip holding on to the dumbbells. Build and tone muscles, all while improving your body’s metabolism levels. Use it wherever you want, indoors and outdoors. Get a workout while watching the TV. 

Please follow exact exercise procedures, and go easy on yourself, by choosing the right workout according to your strength and flexibility. Consult a trainer to help you in identifying the right type of programme for you. Stop immediately if you feel pain. In any event, consult a doctor if you feel faint or continuous pain.
  • Adjustable Dumbbell Set
  • Easy to carry with Plastic Casing
  • Come with 1 bar
  • Total weight 10kg

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