Kookaburra Venom Composite Hockey Stick





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Kookaburra Venom Composite Hockey Stick

Kookaburra Venom is part of the new, unique and innovative i-Bow series which is engineered to maximise performance. It features i-Bow design which places the optimum point of the shaft between the M and L Bow positions to create a unique, innovative profile.


  • iBow
  • Materials - 75% Carbon and 25% Fibreglass
  • Weight - Light and Medium
  • Euro Maxi
  • Pro Feel Grip
  • SFR - promotes feel and dextrous control with compromising power
  • KMD - braided carbon improves power, torsional stability and control touch and feel
  • Twin Tube Core for extra power

Available in 36.5" and 37.5"

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