Acme 660 Finger Grip Whistles



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From the makers of the best whistles in the world, this Acme plastic finger grip whistle is perfect for making calls on the run. Recommended to people who are short of breath, this whistle is easy to blow with a consistent, very high tone.

  • Made in UK - 130 years of whistle making experience
  • Injection-molded A.B.S. plastic is lightweight and durable to last through games and practices
  • Natural cork ball helps the whistle emit a highly audible trill to get the attention of players or spectators
  • Waterproof speed pea which doesn't lose intensity when growing wet with saliva
  • Great for coaching, refereeing and lifeguarding
  • Black finish makes this whistle a low-profile addition to any referee or coaching uniform
  • Fingergrip originally developed by Acme is the authentic design

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